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Summer Queen Ullapool Morning Cruise Details
4 Hour Morning Cruise to Tanera
Through the Summer Isles and landing on Tanera.

Summer Queen Ullapool Afternoon Cruise Details
2 Hour Afternoon Cruise
Annat Bay and to the isles..

Summer Queen Ullapool Morning Cruise Details
Contact Us and Booking Tickets
Contact us with any queries and make ticket bookings.

Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust
Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust
We submit and share sightings with HWDT to contribute to research.

Sea Watch Foundation
Sea Watch Foundation
We also consult with Sea Watch Foundation.

NAKID Project
NAKID Project
North Atlantic Killer Whale ID. Great info and pictures about Orca.

Summer Queen
Welcome to The Summer Queen, Ullapool
  • Cruises to Loch Broom and the Summer Isles
  • 4 hour morning trip through the Summer Isles, visiting Cathedral Cave and landing on Tanera Mhor, the only inhabited Summer Island
  • 2 hour afternoon trip to Annat Bay and around Carn-nan-sgeir, the inner most of the Summer Isles
  • Stunning views of the Summer Isles and Hebrides
  • Close encounters with seals, dolphin, porpoise, whales, sea birds and even sea eagles and a great variety of wildlife
  • Stunning scenery, geological and historical points of interest

Summer Queen Cruises

Sailing from Ullapool, on the West Coast of The Highlands of Scotland, The Summer Queen offers visitors the opportunity to visit the famous Summer Isles.

Our 4 hour morning and 2 hour afternoon cruises take in the beauty of Loch Broom and the Summer Isles, encountering local wildlife.


Morning Cruise: 10.00 am, 4 hours


Afternoon Cruise: 14.15 pm, 2 hours


Through the season we pass the nesting sites of many sea birds and watch them hatch and grow until they leave the nest.


We see Grey and Common Seals at sea and resting on the shorelines of the Islands we sail between. Porpoise, dolphin and even whales visit our waters and it is not uncommon for them to pass by and even come to inspect the boat through our trip.

We land on Tanera Mhor, the last inhabited Summer Isle and the last place in Britain to print its own stamps, where visitors can relax at the cafe or take a walk up the hill and view the surrounding Summer Isles and Achiltibuie.


Our afternoon cruise circumnavigates Carn-nan-sgeir, then follows Achmore coastline home looking for the Loch Broom sea eagles.


We often sail by working fishing boats creeling and trawling the seas for prawns, and steam by boats heading for or away from Ullapool.

Commentary is given at all points of interest and when we encounter wildlife, we try ot translate names where possible (sometimes with mixed results!) and the crew are happy to answer any questions you may have on the sights, wildlife and environment you encounter.


  • Warm clothing is often advisable.
  • A camera and binoculars will prove invaluable (we can not supply these).
  • PLEASE NOTE: We do not operate during the winter due to weather conditions. We also will cancel if there are not sufficient numbers of passengers or the weather conditions are poor. Please confirm with us prior to arriving if you are travelling far.

Please take a look around our site for more details of the cruises on offer and pictures of the wildlife.

Click here for information on how to book.

White Tailed Sea Eagles 2014!

In May 2014 we finally confirmed that we have a nesting pair of White Tailed Sea Eagles on the coast of Loch Broom. Not only this but they hatched a chick in early May. We hope to monitor the pair in conjunction with the RSPB Sea Eagle Project throughout the year and hope to witness the chick fledge in the summer if all goes well. This is the first chick to be born in Loch Broom for over 100 years and is extremely exciting news that we have been hoping for over the last four years.

White tailed sea eagle chick and nest Ullapool


We Name a Baby Orca!

On the 19th and 27th June 2012 we encountered a Pod of Orca (Killer Whale) in the Summer Isles. These animals generally stay further out in the Minch so this was exciting for everyone aboard including the crew. As with all our cetacean sightings, the encounter was submitted to the Sea Watch Foundation and Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust. There was initial confusion as the photographs we took did not up with any of the known Orca that live along the west coast and Hebrides. After further investigation and involvement of NAKID Project (the North Atlantic Killer Whale ID Project) suspicion arose that these were members of the Northern Isles Community, normally only found in Orkney and Shetland waters. Not only did we have probable identification of O62 "The Hulk" and O19 "Mousa" but our photos also showed a new born calf, believed to be a few weeks old at most. In return for our pictures and sighting submissions, Andy Foote of the NAKID Project allowed us to suggest a name for this new member of the UK Orca Community. The calf seen on the Summer Queen in the Summer Isles is now known as "Summer"! We have included some pictures and links to footage on our gallery page. Remember, you can follow all our sightings and what is happening with the Summer Queen on our FaceBook page.