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You can purchase tickets at out booking office at the entrance to Ullapool Harbour. The booking office is open for an hour prior to sailings and we leave contact details for those wishing to call or enquire about sailings if unattended. Please allow time to collect your tickets and be at the boarding pontoon - if you are late it means we lose time at sea.



You can also contact us below to make reservation or enquire about rates and group/family bookings.





PLEASE NOTE: We do not operate in the winter months and if the weather is poor we will cancel sailings. If you are travelling a distance to take one of our cruises, please try and contact us to confirm we are sailing.


If you are driving to Ullapool to go on the Summer Queen, please be advised that there is a traffic warden in the village who does watch for cars parking on shore street for excessive times. There is a free car park in the centre of the village by Tesco, where you can leave your car for the day without making the wardens day! Please allow time to park and walk down to the boat.


Planning Your Day

We advise the following for making your trip with us more enjoyable:
  • Warm Clothes: even if it is a lovely summers day, the temperature can drop when we are out at sea. Also, this being the Highlands, it occasionally rains!
  • Binoculars and camera: we can not supply binoculars but they are great to have with you to see the wildlife and sights up close. A camera is great for taking shots of your trip and what you encounter.
  • Food and drink: we offer coffee, tea, cold drinks and snacks in our saloon bar below decks. The cafe on Tanera also has a range of soups and sandwiches. If you prefer to bring your own food and drink this is fine, but please take any litter with you and do not throw it overboard or leave it on the Island!
  • Sun block: on the days when the sun shines, the sea is a beautiful place to be but the suns reflection can be accentuated and burn. Sun block can be advisable as are sun glasses.
  • Nature guides: Our crew will try to point out and give information on the wildlife and nature we see but it can enhance your day if you have a nature guide to reference during your trip.
  • Late arrivals: we ask that you please show up in time for sailings from Ullapool, and especially when returning to the boat if you have been exploring Tanera Mhor. If we are late leaving the harbour or Tanera this limits our time at sea and can be very frustrating if we encounter something of interest but have no time to spare to stop and appreciate it! If you have booked tickets and think you will be late please try to contact us as soon as possible.
  • Dogs/Children: we are happy for your dog to come along and we encourage children to sail with us and share the sights and wildlife but ask that responsible owners/parents ensure that dogs are kept under control and children and not allowed to climb on seats, this is for their own safety. Be advised, the Captain has a plank for unruly crew!!!

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