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4 Hour Morning Cruise - Summer Isles, Tanera Mhor
The morning cruise departs from Ullapool Harbour at 10.00 am.
Monday to Saturday.


Adults: 30
Under 16 years old: 15
Under 5 year old: free


What We Hope To See:


  • Seagulls
  • Cormorants and Shags
  • Guillemots
  • Common Seals
  • Grey Seals
  • Porpoise
  • Visiting Dolphin and Whales
  • Gannets
  • Oyster Catchers
  • Sea Eagles
  • Rare plants and wildlife on Tanera

Weather conditions mean route may vary and the animals do change on a daily basis according to feeding patterns and sea


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Morning Cruise Overview


This is a 4 hour cruise of approximately 35 miles. Heading out from Ullapool we sail down the centre of Loch Broom to Camus passong Mhaoraich (Mussel Bay), where the Atlantic Grey Seals are often seen basking on the rocks.

We then sail across Annat Bay towards Carn-nan-Sgeir, known locally as 'The Skerries', and in recent years a favourite location for a large collony common seals, before heading into the Summer Isles themselves.


Passing through the various Summer Isles, a wide variety of seabirds, seal, porpoises, dolphins and Minke whales are often seen.

We visit Cathedral Cave on the west side of Tanera Beag a wonderful example of the effects of geology and erosion. If the weather is good we will try to get a look in the cave...

On leaving the cave we travel through the narrow seaways between the islands and arrive at the sheltered haven of Tanera Mhor, the principle and only inhabited island in the group of Summer Isles. During the late 18th century this island was an important herring fishing station and the ruins of the old buildings can still be seen. We stay here for about 45 minutes and passengers can go ashore and explore, or visit the cafe and post office. The Summer Isles produce their own postage stamps which are well known for their artistic merit. They are collected by philatelists throughout the world and have been graciously accepted in the Royal Collection. For the more adventurous a short walk to the top of the hill opens up a view of scenic splendour. On a clear day you can see Skye and the Outer Hebrides quite clearly as well as the major mountains in the area. One of the crew men often lifts a lobster pot whilst at the island which can be of interest if it has some crabs and other shellfish. If you are scared of crabs, be sure to let the crew know so they can show you one up close!

After we visit Tanera Mhor we pass by Horse Island and Goat Island where we often see common and grey seals, migrating porpoise and even the odd basking shark. This stretch of sea also offers great views over Coigach as well as to some of the well known peaks of Assynt.

We head back across Annat Bay and navigate the coastline of Isle Martin and to Rhue Point where the lighthouse welcomes us back to Loch Broom.

As well as the wildlife, we try to touch upon the history, culture, geology and other elements that make this area so wonderful to visit and experience. Our crew are all wildlife enthusiasts and take pleasure in trying to share their knowledge and experience so feel free to ask any questions. Commentary is given at sites of interest and to point out animals we pass. Please note, the commentary is in English but we try to maintain a list of animal names in various languages - although we make no promise that we pronounce them right!


Morning Cruise to Summer Islands and Tanera

4 Hour Morning Cruise to Summer Isles and Tanera
Route may vary according to weather and conditions...


Clip from Morning Cruise: Dolphin and at Tanera Mor: